Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Golden Silvers interview with a freeeeeeee-mix

The Golden Silvers have had a great year, dropping their album, playing Glastonbury and all whilst carrying on their fantastic club night at The Macbeth.
We caught up with Gwilym from the band on their European tour in Paris and this is what he had to say:-

Hey, so what have you been up to?

We've just played a few shows in New York and now we're playing a short European tour... Also we've started working on some new recordings

Highlights of the last year/ met anyone great recently?

Thursday night at the Queens Head at Glastonbury felt like a special moment.. probably our best show of the year.. the same night that Micheal Jackson died
Going to see Jerry Lee Lewis tonight in Amsterdam. It would be great to meet him...

You’ve been working with some pretty cool remixers? Any particular favourites?

I've really liked a lot of the remixes... i think a favouite might be Othello Woolf's autotuned version of Please Venus. You can hear it hear...

Any particular gigs stand out in your mind (apart from the Macbeth of course)?

Our most memorable shows are always at The Macbeth!

Who is your favourite member of staff at the Macbeth (you have to answer diplomacy allowed)?

It has to be Ben (Starr) as he always keeps the nutjuice on ice for me!

Whats your favourite song to play?

Although i'm getting a bit bored of playing it now, i can remember playing Arrows of Eros for the first time at the Bronze Club and feeling like the new band had really come together..

Who’s your favourite band member (you may include yourself)?

It has to go to Tommy (not an official band member as such but he's been touring with us doing extra harmonies and keys). He is the master of the pun..

Cheese preference?